Dragons and Wild dogs

23rd September 2017 5:32 pm  /  Uncategorised

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 20.29.04Hi everybody! So I am continuing with my wild dog painting-a lil glimpse to show you and hopefully it will be finished shortly! I’m definately not an expert in this digital painting stuff and still do not feel fully comfortable with what I am doing. However, I am 10 times better than what I used to be and yes its about practice and help from youtube videos!! So, my message for today is just keep going, you will look back at yopur old work and think wow, I have come a long way!!!


On a different note I got myself this cool book about drawing dragons by the legend himself John Howe-he worked on lord of the rings! a review on this book will follow shortly, watch this space!

It’s been a while…

20th September 2017 9:40 pm  /  Dani's Diary

Well, I have to say it has been a while! Unfortunately life takes over sometimes and I hate to say there is never enough time in the day. Anyway, I’m back and have promised myself(again!) to post some regular updates. So here I am. I have also thought about including some reviews to help all those budding artists out there, so here’s my first recommendation. This is a must if you are interested in drawing animals and not overly expensive but full of great images.

The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgren is a guide writtern by a former Walt Disney animator and is designed to help artists of all skill levels improve their ability to draw various animals. So the animals it covers are as follows-Horse, Deer, Cat, Cows,  Giraffe, Camels, Gorillas, Pig, Dogs, Kangaroos, Rabbits, Squirrel, Elephants & Bears. The first few animal sections are large and the  more you flick through there are just a few pages for each animal. However, the attention to detail is really good. Great sections on use of mood, line, action analysis and composition all add depth to this great little book. I brought mine in 2004 and I am still going back to it now. If you want to get into animal drawing, animation or illustration this is a must!!

Til next time art peeps!

In memory of Harambe

6th June 2016 10:09 pm  /  Dani's Diary
In memory of Harambe

Well, its finally finished to how I want it and I’m pretty chuffed with the outcome, not quite fully realistic and not quite cartoony. I’m getting better at this photoshop stuff!! Anyways, this image was done in memory of Harambe, for those of you that don’t know about it or would like to check out the story head on over to a lovely friend of mine’s blog Kate Snowdon, her blog is amazing for all things animal conservation.  As this is a special digital painting I was thinking it might be a good idea to get some prints done. So if you fancy a copy of this beautiful gorilla drop me an email/comment and watch this space.

Peace out.

Shading nearly done on Gorilla

30th May 2016 10:16 pm  /  Dani's Diary
Shading nearly done on Gorilla

Just a little update for you guys. Managed to get cracking with the shading, still not quite sure its finished to how I like and I may tweak it a bit or redo it possibly but its not finished yet. I am finding this photoshop painting more comfortable each time I use it….I am def not saying its easier but I’m learning each time, I always find shadow and lighting hard but I find if you have a photo of reference at hand it does help.  Anyways, I have been painting whilst listening to Mumford and Son live at radio one big weekend and really loving There will be time, cant wait for the mini album! Peace out.xxx.

Sad day for Gorilla’s

29th May 2016 8:11 pm  /  Dani's Diary
Sad day for Gorilla’s

I thought I would start on the requests I have had, which were naked mole rat, duck billed platypus and a gorilla. I wasn’t sure which one to tackle first but felt the need to start on the gorilla today after hearing about the dreadful event that unfolded at Cincinnati Zoo yesterday. Yes that child could have been in danger although gorilla’s are a placid creature but who know’s how they act in a zoo environment. At the end of the day the only person/s to blame are his stupid parents, how did they allow their four year old to tumble in????

Anyway, so I have decided to crack on with a rather passive looking silverback gorilla, using a few photos as reference. He will be nearer realistic than cartoony, I was thinking of adding a snaggle tooth poking out but not sure, I think I like him looking all emotional at something off in the distance, thinking something over. Stay tuned!

Grumpy Pallas Cat

23rd May 2016 7:57 pm  /  Dani's Diary
Grumpy Pallas Cat

Well it’s finally finished!! The grumpy Pallas Cat! I was kinda going for the grumpy, fluffy, stubby looking fat cat and Pallas cats pretty much fit the bill with their stubby lil legs and expressive faces. I’m not 100% sure about the lighting on it, its still good for me but it could do with working on, maybe its too bright??!!! Anyways, I’m still happy with it and with each image I complete, I learn something new. Onto my next image…..what to do….what to do…….

Creating something feline!!

11th May 2016 5:03 pm  /  Dani's Diary
Creating something feline!!

Well, I have just been busy with work, looking for it and doing it. I kinda let my art take a back seat but I’m now back on it and more importantly back on here!! I am going to task myself with a post a week so lets see how it goes. So have had this idea for a while of doing a proper grumpy looking fat cat and have seen a few photos of the amazing Pallas Cat.

What a feline, so based on a photo, I am creating my own lil grump!!! Its a work in progress, I cant wait to see how it looks when finished….watch this space.

Improving my Photoshop Skills with this Creature Design

Well this has taken me ages but it has definately been worth the hours! There are some parts that need working on but this has to be the best piece of digital painting I have ever done and I guess I can only get better! I had a little help from Aaron Blaise.

His videos on youtube have been really helpful and really break photoshop down to basics, makes it look really easy. I always feel inspired when I see his work and makes me want to strive for better images.

This creature was completely made up, I just wanted to do something with a large muzzle! And then from there I used some reference from a Caracal.

I’m getting there, practice makes perfect.


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Jan 18th 2016

Who turned on the freezer! Perfect weather to stay indoors and create some strange creatures! Here’s something I have been working on, I have just called it dribble for now but the name could possibly change. I am going for a large muzzled creature with a bit of reference from a caracal -which are pretty awesome cats! That’s it for now peeps.


New Year………

7th January 2016 9:51 pm  /  Dani's Diary


Well I thought as it’s the new year I better use my blog more and therefore create more artwork. I then had a few problems with my website which are all sorted now, I still find wordpress tricky but I am getting there thanks to the guys at Today Type and Design. Anywho, just a lil update, I have added some animation clips to my website and am now cracking on with new art and an idea for a kids book! I am aiming to do at least 3 blog entries a week including art. I am still open for requests, pet portraits, tattoo designs and anything else arty/creature based. All the best for the 2016!